ARKit is a design and build group specialising in high quality, customised prefabricated building solutions.

As an architect led practice, ARKit collaborates with its clients to develop sustainable, hand crafted prefabricated buildings for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

ARKit offers the most comprehensive range of integrated consultancy and construction services available for prefabrication. We design and build our projects locally for delivery throughout Australia and overseas.

ARKit team

As an architect led practice, a focus on design is central to everything we do.

We carefully assess and individually approach the design process for each project. We collaborate with our clients to discover their requirements, analyse the site and develop an optimum design response to the project. Our prefabricated building systems have been developed to allow us to explore endless design possibilities in the delivery of both residential and commercial projects.

We value innovation and enjoy working with clients to explore prefabricated applications for a variety of building types. From our Melbourne based design studio, our in-house design and build team works closely with our clients to individually design and deliver high quality, prefabricated projects. ARKit’s team comprises highly skilled design and building professionals. Key team members include:

Craig is an architect and registered builder with twenty years’ experience in the design and delivery of residential, commercial and government projects in Australia and overseas. A keen interest in progressing architectural thinking to include the assembly and construction methodology of buildings resulted in the establishment of ARKit as a prefabricated design build company. Craig is the director of ARKit and was a founding board member of PrefabAUS.

Craig Chatman

Mario is an architect with experience in highly complex and award winning, Civic, Commercial, Education and Multi-Residential projects. Mario brings to his projects extensive skills in design & documentation, with the ability to quickly model concepts for both visualisation and documentation purposes using advanced building information modelling technology (BIM).

Mario Porsala

Andrew is an Architect who has worked for 9 years across Victoria and South Australia. He has experience in a range of projects including individual residential, designing for disability, master planning and large mixed-use developments.

Andrew Fotia

Ben is an architect with ten years’ experience with specialist knowledge in prefabrication and modular construction. With a background in residential and commercial architecture, Ben brings to his projects sound technical construction knowledge and design experience. Ben has worked with various Melbourne based design firms.

Ben Attrill

With extensive experience across collaborative processes in the planning, design and construction of prefabricated projects, Ming overlooks the advanced building information modelling technology (BIM) platforms used in the design office. 

Ming Liu

Alice is a graduate of architecture with an interest in both commercial and residential architecture. Alice is committed to achieving sustainable design solutions and draws on her experience in local government to achieve inclusive, high quality design outcomes.

Alice Khoury

With extensive experience in renowned international and local design firms, Marina brings sound technical and creative detailing to her projects. Alongside ARKit, Marina works as a sole practitioner in Melbourne as an architect and builder.  


With qualifications in both design and construction, Ben is an experienced project coordinator and contracts administrator with experience ranging from standalone residential and to large scale commercial projects.

Ben Carr

With ten years of experience in residential, commercial and prefabricated construction, Justin brings a high level of attention to detail and seamless client coordination across ARKit’s residential projects.  

Justin Bezzina

Rhys is an experienced building supervisor with ten years’ experience in residential and commercial construction. Rhys has delivery experience across new build construction and refurbishment works in difficult operating environments. 

Rhys O'Brien

Joe is an experienced building supervisor with extensive experience across residential and commercial construction. Joe is well versed in managing and coordinating the activities of site-based trades and working with the client and contractors to minimise disruption arising from construction activities.  

Joe James


  • Production
  • Building Systems
  • Innovation


Our buildings are handcrafted from our Melbourne workshop co-located with ARKIt’s design studio.

Each project is supervised by our architects, construction and project managers, individually built by our in-house construction team and delivered in close consultation with our design team and the client. Our established workshop combines the best of traditional carpentry techniques with the precision of modern production facilities.

Through this approach we are able to deliver the following benefits, as compared to traditional site based construction:

Faster construction timeframes

  • Offsite construction occurring in parallel with site based building work
  • Shorter pre-construction period
  • Earlier approvals applications
  • Better build quality

Better build quality

  • Higher construction tolerances
  • Factory controlled, secure, weather protected environment
  • Architect designed and supervised construction
  • Fully customised buildings

Greater project value

  • Time, cost and quality control
  • Superior environmental outcomes
  • High quality construction


As architects as well as builders we are committed to challenging the perceived design limitations associated with prefabricated construction.

Through our range of prefabricated building systems we are able to explore endless design options and tailor the building system to suit the design, rather than the other way around.

Modular Building System

With modular building we construct modules in our workshop to a stage that is as complete as possible. This includes installation of cabinetry, fittings, fixtures, floor and wall finishes and even furnishings if desired. Larger buildings are designed to seamlessly join together with minimal time on site. This system is suited to new build and addition projects.

Panelised Building System

Prefabricated components combine the time and quality benefits of offsite construction, whilst not constraining the design to transportable, module sizes. Using this system we build wall, floor and roof components as a series of panelised cassettes complete with plumbing, structural framing, insulation and linings. Components are then assembled on site. This system is suited to new build, addition and renovation projects.

Hybrid Building System

By combining both systems we are able to achieve a myriad of design possibilities. This system is suited to new build, addition and renovation projects and combines the benefits of both systems.


Innovation is inherent to ARKit’s existence.

We value the skills of invention, engineering, design and imagination and apply these to develop new and emerging applications for prefabrication. As a founding member of PrefabAus, the peak industry body for prefabrication in Australia, we recognise private sector research and development as key drivers to the advancement of the local industry.

Through our specialist consultancy services we have provided advice to a range of client organisations and assisted with the development and application of prefabrication technologies.

Examples of our research and development activities include:

Design and development of a new prefabrication construction system specifically intended for remote project applications.

Development of this system has seen us critically assess all aspects of construction logistics to streamline the process to better suit an environment where access to labour, materials and equipment comes at a significant premium.

Eco Studio

With environmental engineering by GHD, ARKit’s Eco Studio was Australia’s first carbon neutral prefabricated building.

Product development

Product development for our wall panel system centred on the reuse of waste from the milling process to create an integrated structural and architectural cladding system.

First prefabricated educational facility

The first prefabricated educational facility for the Victorian Department of Education and Training to be contracted through a traditional design and construct procurement model. An approach that can positively impact the quality of future modular education buildings throughout Victoria


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